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Interactive guide to the flora
of the dry grasslands (magredi) of Cordenons-Vivaro (Pordenone, NE Italy)

P.L. Nimis, S. Martellos
L. Poldini
Images by A. Moro

This guide contains an interactive identification key to the flora (621 taxa) of Cordenons-Vivaro, an area which hosts the last remnants of the steppe-like grasslands typical of the high Friulian plain (magredi). The key was generated by the software FRIDA, developed by S. Martellos and patented by the University of Trieste in the framework of the KeyToNature-Dryades project. Data derive from the database on the vascular flora of Italy by P.L. Nimis. Nomenclature follows Poldini et al. (2001)

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