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The flora of the Asinara National Park.
An interactive guide

Pier Luigi Nimis, Simonetta Bagella, Emmanuele Bocchieri, Tiziano Idini, Stefano Martellos, Andrea Moro, Stefania Pisanu, Elena Pittao, Rossella Filigheddu
Images by Andrea Moro

This is an interactive guide to the flora of the Asinara Island, in the extreme NW of Sardinia. The island has an elongated shape, with a cliff coast in the west and low coasts with small sandy coves in the east, a coastline of c. 100 km, and an area of 51.92 sqkm. Maximum length is 17.5 km, maximum width 6.5 km, and minimum width c. 250 m. From the administrative point of view the island belongs to the municipality of Porto Torres (Province of Sassari). The prevalent geological substrate are metamorphic rocks of Paleozoic origin, but there are also granite outcrops and alluvial formations confined in small areas. The main peaks are Punta Scomunica (408 m), Punta Maestra Serre (391 m), and Punta Maestra Fornelli (265 m). The hydrographic network is very poor, with a single perennial stream called Rio Baddi Longa. The bio-climate is of the oceanic-Mediterraneanean type. The vegetation is dramatically degraded as a result of human activity: fire, overgrazing, intensive and extensive farming carried out during 112 years of presence of a penal colony, and the impact of cattle grown wild after its closure, have resulted in the disappearance of some plant communities and compromised the status of those present. The floristic list, which includes 701 infrageneric taxa, is based on that of Bocchieri (1988), supplemented by some more recent reports. This guide was created thanks to the collaboration between the the Asinara National Park, whio funded the project, the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste (project Dryades), and the Department of Science of Nature and Territory, University of Sassari. In testing the guide, students of Natural Sciences and Management of the Environment and Territory at the University of Sassari were involved.

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