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An interactive flora
of Estonia

Pier Luigi Nimis, Malle Leht
Stefano Martellos, Tiina Randlane
Images by Andrea Moro

This interactive guide is addressed to anyone who is interested in the flora of Estonia. It includes c. 1100 plant species (out of ca 1500 species recorded from Estonia),incl. several introduced woody species which are cultivated in parks and orchards. Some plants which are difficult to separate even for specialists are excluded from this key, e.g. many species of Alchemilla, Craetagus, Hieracium, Rosa, Salix, Taraxacum etc. Several very rare species are excluded as well from the present version. This guide was prepared within the project KeyToNature, in cooperation between the University of Trieste (Italy), the University of Tartu and the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia). Aino Kalda, Thea Kull , Ülle Reier have provided important input. Rein Kalamees, Jaan Liira, Jaanus Paal, Kersti Püssa, Elle Roosaluste, Kai Rünk, Andres Saag and Tiina Talve put at our disposal several pictures.

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