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Materials for an interactive guide
to woody plants of Catalonia

Pier Luigi Nimis, Stefano Martellos
Marina Ferrer Canal
Images by Andrea Moro

This is the first version of a guide to woody plants of Catalonia. It includes an ample selecion of spontaneous and cultivated species, for a total of 507 infrageneric taxa. WARNING! The guide does not include all woody species occurring in Catalonia, and at this stage it was mainly produced in order to serve as a basis for further improvements and for the creation of smaller keys dedicated to schools, within the European Project KeyToNature. Henceforward, the Associate Members of KeyToNature will have the possibility of working on this first draft, adding or deleting species, changing the nomenclature, adapting the terminology, adding notes and further pictures to each species. The most important output will be the possibility of automatically creating smaller keys tailored to the individual requirements of schools (e.g. "trees and shrubs of the school garden"), where users (teachers and pupils) will have the possibility of adding user-generated content to "their" key, using some simple tools provided by KeyToNature. - The guide will be translated into Spanish and Catalan by the end of March 2009.

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